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.TAKE 5IVE. March 28, 2009

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FIVE is an odd number. but it is far from being anything but queer.

from where i belong or come from, FIVE is frequently mentioned and synonymous with grace. with rest.

is that why we have FIVE fingers on each hand then?

to remind us that He will bless the work of our hands.

that everything we touch prospers.

that He shall command His blessing on all that we set our hands to.

to raise them in praise of His awesome majesty.

and then there’s our FIVE toes.

to remind us that we will be blessed in the city and in the field.

in our coming in and going out.

that we will walk safely and our foot will not stumble.

that we will walk in His paths which can only get brighter.

but even if we walk through the valley, He walks with us.

“And when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His feet. ” Luke 24:40

His hands and feet were pierced for us.

That His blessings might flow through Him, via our hands and feet.

i will never look at my hands and feet the same way again.

a glimpse of them, a glimpse of the reminder that His grace is always good enough.

in everything we set our hands to.

along every path our feet treads upon.

and it all began with the words “Aquaflow 5” on my humble shower head.

you don’t really need big things to speak to you.

all you need is a big GOD :)


.COLD WAR. March 27, 2009

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there are some things i like doing when i arrive home.

1. wash my hands (this one is an exception – i only do it because my brother MAKES ME – HAHA)

2. charge my mobile

3. head for the fridge

in that order.

and today, like any other day/night – i did the first two but hesitated at the third.

but i still went ahead anyway, bracing myself for the disparity.

my fridge was a shadow of what it was the night before.

its once lighted and luxuriant self was reduced to a picture of barrenness.

retrieving and reloading the fridge used to be a tricky affair. i never knew what color the wall of my fridge was. at least till now.

my mother asked me to guess how old the fridge was. i pondered for a bit then haphazarded a guess. hmm…nine?


for that long a time, iv’e taken something so significant, so imperative – for granted.

it has served me well. always been there for me. 24/7. rain or shine. it has never failed me.

but i never realised its importance. never saw that. till now.

sometimes it takes a trial to bring out the gold in something. or someone.

sometimes it takes a trial to realise how precious something is. or someone.

i am reminded (with great pleasure) not to take things for granted today :)

and i’ve mourned the loss of my old fridge but i can’t wait to get a new one.

when God restores – it is always better in quality and quantity.



.PIECES of me.

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when i was younger, i loved to watch my sister put puzzle pieces together.

the array of puzzle pieces never failed to intrigue me. especially the odd-shaped ones. i always wondered where and how they’d eventually fit. there were times i was convinced they wouldn’t.

so i would wait relentlessly until i saw the big picture. only then would i be content.

now and then you get a puzzle piece you can’t seem to put in place.

you turn it every which way around but it still can’t seem to fit. what do you do? you try another piece.

every piece is unique in nature and no two are the same. we cannot fit a piece in place of another’s. it just won’t work.

all the times i watched my sister, there is all but one thing she has never done.

she has asked for help – company ups the dose of fun and sometimes having the advice from people around you is essential. especially for those odd-shaped ones.

she takes breathers – stepping aside/outside enables you to see clearer. it also allows you to see from a different perspective.

she focuses on the big picture – sometimes being too engrossed in the smaller pieces hinders you from seeing the big picture.

but she ALWAYS COMPLETES THE PUZZLE. she never gives up until she’s seen the big picture.

i love that.

how not to when you know every puzzle you piece is gonna be nothing short of being BEAUTIFUL.


.SHADY BUSINESS. March 23, 2009

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it was a pretty sunny (and i love sunny!) day today, and i wore shades.


they are supposed to. especially if you invest in a good one.

they are sometimes worn instinctively, at other times – deliberately.

they can be removed as easily as they were put on.

and its main function is to shield.

they protect you from terrestrial (worldy/earthly) glares. from hurtful and damaging rays. from everything else that would otherwise be detrimental to you.

they keep the good light in and the bad light out.

my $11 forever 21 shades can shield me from some rays. but not all of em.

my own guard/wall of defence/facade can shield me from some rays too. but they still have their limitations.

if you need a good shield, i can recommend one.

yeah. ONE would suffice.

the odds of it wearing out is something you will never have to consider.

and best of all, this shield’s 24/7.

Every word of God is pure : he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him – proverbs 30:5


.root tribute. March 21, 2009

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it was pretty enigmatic.

a cross between sheer delight and oddity.

a peculiar breed indeed.

as i cautiously slipped on what once belonged to her, i deliberated about how she would have felt – wearing this.

a tinge of joy, maybe.


or perhaps of custom and habitual routine that carried no feelings, whatsoever.

it was different exceptional for me.

i have been waiting for this day. patiently. and i require lots of grace to do patient :)

i am the one who arrives after you do. the one who is either on time or later then you. i am only earlier than you if you happen to be held up. and i will call you if i don’t see you two seconds after i arrive.

honestly :)

today finally came and i am not surprised that it’s the twenty-first. Jesus’ love for me is evident even the littlest of details. GREAT is the measure of His love :)

as i gazed at her kebaya more intently, there was more than meets the eye.

there always is.

imperfections that spoke volumes of the things she might have gone through. her journey through life.

how these things amplify the value of her oh-so-precious kebaya even more.

i am glad to keep a piece of her. i miss my grandma. but i know she’s prolly smiling down at me.

right about now :)


.and then there was LIGHT. March 19, 2009

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“helloooo…I LOVE YOU…”
ME : “what you want?”
“err….changed bag…AND forgot to bring my keyyys…”
ME : “HAHA. guessed so. i’ll pack and leave in 15.”
as i walked back, i pondered a little more.
i was plugged in (ipod) but i was spaced out.
there’s just something about little things.
musing over the choice of your outfit for the day and you get a text asking for fashion advice
the fleeting consciousness of hunger pangs and someone offers you something to eat
the notion of being plastered next to someone else en-route to home in an over-stuffed train and the cabin you’re at has space for you and 10 more
the lady at the stall you haven’t patronised in weeks reminds her assistant not to put shallots and pepper in your food cause you don’t want them
envisioning yourself waiting in line (for what seems like forever) for the bus back and the bus arrives the very minute you queue
-Qarah moments : 19.02.09                                                                                                                                                                                                           MORE THAN WORDS .