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.starry-eyed surprise. March 17, 2009

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JF: eh. when you agreed to watch the movie with us, we were shocked leh. like you? watch cheenah movie??!
(JC/CK break into laughter and nod vehemently)
ME : oi. there ARE subtitles, right? :)

i wasn’t expecting much. or anything at all.
you don’t think when you watch a movie.
you just watch.
it might evoke thoughts – but that’s the aftermath.
all i was mulling over when i went in was my twenty-two dollar cab fare to the movie place. i could’ve bought a top.

i like happy endings.
wish upon a star was a typical feel-good-happy-ending story.

poor girl and rich guy become fast friends.
poor girl falls for rich guy. rich guy falls for poor girl.
rich guy loves poor girl for who she is and wants to provide for her. but poor girl doesn’t know rich guy is really SUPER RICH.
rich guy reveals true identity. poor girl shuns him.
there is strife.
poor girl eventually accepts him and they get together, ofcourse.

wait. the plot was WAY TOO familiar.
isn’t it the story of our lives?

He fell for us. wants to PROVIDE for us. loved us the way we were. unconditional, unwavering love. His heart beats for us.
when our eyes were opened to His true identity, we shunned Him.
simply because we thought His radiance would reflect our inadequacy. His majesty would mirror our incompetency.
we could never match up to Him.

little did we know that everything we cannot be, He is.
everything we have not, He has.
and everything we need, He freely gives.
we are complete in Him.

all the poor girl in the story needed to do was accept the rich guy.
and everything that the rich guy had would become hers.
all we need to do is to embrace Him.
and all that CHRIST has, is ours.

guess i didn’t just watch that day.
i caught.

thanks you three, for asking me :))
and thank you Jesus, for being the most awesome savior there is.


4 Responses to “.starry-eyed surprise.”

  1. Marcel Says:

    Starry eye surprise for sure the fact you actually started a blog, very good that you did!

    Nice post!! Keep it coming. Overall the layout looks cool too…quite you loh!


  2. twentyonepurplehorses Says:

    :P HEH. thank you! is ittt?! since you say it’s cool, then okay! HAHA :))

  3. JF Says:

    =) **knock knock**
    JF speaking.
    JF: woah, wad a revelation.!

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