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.i heart ARGYLE st. March 18, 2009

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ME : “what did you say just now?”
“ohhh. i changed are you coming to YOU ARE coming for the meeting cause it’s compulsory for you…HAHA.”
ME : “HAHA. then why you ask?! iv’e put it down in my calendar already anyways. cause i’ll be back by then…”
“BE BACK?!! where are u going?!! don’t tell me you’re going there again! you got a guy there right, think i dont know!”
ME : “HAHA. yah yah. how you know…the salesman at H&M lah.”

all this at 9-ish AM.

funny how SK said the same thing. my colleague should meet you, SK. you’ll make great friends. heh :))

“why you don’t go to taiwan?”
ME : “how to communicate?”
“HAHA!! oh yah. you are banana…”
ME : “BANANA??!”
“YAH. yellow skin, cannot speak mandarin is banana what!”
ME : “i thought that is potato?!”
(pregnant pause)
“HAHAHA!! oh YAH! and BANANA also WHAT…right?”
ME : (very confused now) “isss ittt?! i never heard of that before!”

all this at 9-ish AM, still.
yes, we do talk about other things. and laugh too. it’s fun, like that.

BUT i’m pretty inquisitve still.
is it BANANA or POTATO?!
or both?

*p.s. and no, for the record – i do not have a guy there. HEH :)


4 Responses to “.i heart ARGYLE st.”

  1. Kok Leng Says:

    hahaha, so funny! :) banana or potato, same same la…

    you going back to HK again? like H&M too, wish there’s one here.

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      someone said the same thing to me too and i said OH YEAH. Then there’s this feeling of – if it comes here then it won’t be as exclusive as it is now, will it? HEH.

  2. Your beloved colleague Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! yes banana!! =) notice it’s “GOING BACK TO HK” not “going to” HK… so telling of the incredibly unbelievable no. of times you’ve been there.. tsk tsk… hee

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      HAHA!! yes, my beloved colleague – you said it again over lunch today and left the other two with question marks in their head. suspect you think in a different language *MANDARIN*. HAHA – very observant, you! :))

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