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.COLD WAR. March 27, 2009

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there are some things i like doing when i arrive home.

1. wash my hands (this one is an exception – i only do it because my brother MAKES ME – HAHA)

2. charge my mobile

3. head for the fridge

in that order.

and today, like any other day/night – i did the first two but hesitated at the third.

but i still went ahead anyway, bracing myself for the disparity.

my fridge was a shadow of what it was the night before.

its once lighted and luxuriant self was reduced to a picture of barrenness.

retrieving and reloading the fridge used to be a tricky affair. i never knew what color the wall of my fridge was. at least till now.

my mother asked me to guess how old the fridge was. i pondered for a bit then haphazarded a guess. hmm…nine?


for that long a time, iv’e taken something so significant, so imperative – for granted.

it has served me well. always been there for me. 24/7. rain or shine. it has never failed me.

but i never realised its importance. never saw that. till now.

sometimes it takes a trial to bring out the gold in something. or someone.

sometimes it takes a trial to realise how precious something is. or someone.

i am reminded (with great pleasure) not to take things for granted today :)

and i’ve mourned the loss of my old fridge but i can’t wait to get a new one.

when God restores – it is always better in quality and quantity.



One Response to “.COLD WAR.”

  1. twentyonepurplehorses Says:

    my new fridge arrives on monday! i heard its black :) exciting!

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