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.PIECES of me. March 27, 2009

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when i was younger, i loved to watch my sister put puzzle pieces together.

the array of puzzle pieces never failed to intrigue me. especially the odd-shaped ones. i always wondered where and how they’d eventually fit. there were times i was convinced they wouldn’t.

so i would wait relentlessly until i saw the big picture. only then would i be content.

now and then you get a puzzle piece you can’t seem to put in place.

you turn it every which way around but it still can’t seem to fit. what do you do? you try another piece.

every piece is unique in nature and no two are the same. we cannot fit a piece in place of another’s. it just won’t work.

all the times i watched my sister, there is all but one thing she has never done.

she has asked for help – company ups the dose of fun and sometimes having the advice from people around you is essential. especially for those odd-shaped ones.

she takes breathers – stepping aside/outside enables you to see clearer. it also allows you to see from a different perspective.

she focuses on the big picture – sometimes being too engrossed in the smaller pieces hinders you from seeing the big picture.

but she ALWAYS COMPLETES THE PUZZLE. she never gives up until she’s seen the big picture.

i love that.

how not to when you know every puzzle you piece is gonna be nothing short of being BEAUTIFUL.


4 Responses to “.PIECES of me.”

  1. your beloved sis Says:

    awwwww….. so sweet. i never knew you like to watch me do my puzzles but now i know.

    loves. (:

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      :)) HAHA. ah yes, watching beats piecing anytime. u always do the 5000 pieces ones LOR. HEH.

  2. your beloved sis Says:

    okay la. max is only 1000 pieces..

    which reminds me, you can get me a puzzle for my belated bday gift.

    loves. (:

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      the 1000 must have felt like 5000 to me. HAHA. think you’ll prefer something from our favorite place at CENTRAL ;)

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