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.TAKE 5IVE. March 28, 2009

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FIVE is an odd number. but it is far from being anything but queer.

from where i belong or come from, FIVE is frequently mentioned and synonymous with grace. with rest.

is that why we have FIVE fingers on each hand then?

to remind us that He will bless the work of our hands.

that everything we touch prospers.

that He shall command His blessing on all that we set our hands to.

to raise them in praise of His awesome majesty.

and then there’s our FIVE toes.

to remind us that we will be blessed in the city and in the field.

in our coming in and going out.

that we will walk safely and our foot will not stumble.

that we will walk in His paths which can only get brighter.

but even if we walk through the valley, He walks with us.

“And when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His feet. ” Luke 24:40

His hands and feet were pierced for us.

That His blessings might flow through Him, via our hands and feet.

i will never look at my hands and feet the same way again.

a glimpse of them, a glimpse of the reminder that His grace is always good enough.

in everything we set our hands to.

along every path our feet treads upon.

and it all began with the words “Aquaflow 5” on my humble shower head.

you don’t really need big things to speak to you.

all you need is a big GOD :)


4 Responses to “.TAKE 5IVE.”

  1. twentyoneredhorses Says:

    awesome revelation.

    i actually feel like printing this out and pasting it in my office cubicle as a constant reminder that His grace is always upon me.

    i know i always act rather nonchalant in response to your revelation but this is really good.

    loves. (:

  2. Marcel Says:

    Wow! You have an Aquaflow 5….. cool!


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