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YOUR PRETTY scarf April 30, 2009

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.color my world before I close my eyes.


wake up and smell the coffee

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early morning toast. yum :)


iheartrollercoasterrides.com April 27, 2009

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I love theme parks.

going on rides are one of the reasons why I love em’. candy floss is the other.
roller-coaster rides top my list of must-rides in every theme park I visit.

I somehow relish the feeling of bated breath as the roller-coaster creaks slowly but steadily to its peak and as you wait in wonder if you’ve reached the top; it dips ever so suddenly and races to ground zero. predictably, there are ups and downs. but at every up and down the view is different. you see different things. the cycle repeats itself again and again till it comes to a screeching halt.

the announcement comes on and the realization hits you that the ride has come to an end. you look around. it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride but you know you have reached your destination.

I heart being taken on rides but only when I know the destination or I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a good one. but you know what? I don’t always know.

xoxo from orchard rd.


.RELOAD. April 25, 2009

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my house phone rang.

i hesitate before picking up. no one calls me on my house phone. not unless it’s my fantastico grandpa or it’s an emergency. more than half of my friends don’t even know i own a house phone.


“I’VE BEEN TRYING TO CALL YOU ON YOUR MOBILE! WHY AREN’T YOU PICKING UP?!!” the person on the other line hollers. it’s family.

“that’s not possible. i didn’t even hear it ring. wait. lemme go check.” i make my way across the hall and into my bedroom and pick my phone up from my bed. no missed calls, no texts. no nothing.

“i called thrice…it said there is no response from the subscriber’s mobile phone.”

i inspect my phone closely, press a few buttons and retorted, albeit unconvinced – “but it seems alright from the outside.

it always; more often than not, seems like all is well on the outside. but what’s going on on the inside – you can’t see. you can’t tell. until the desire to take calls ceases and every call that goes through – you try to cut short. or eventually hang up. the rest you just don’t pick up. till desperation drives you to switch to silent mode.

alas, you know – it’s time to reload.

i switched my phone off and then on again. spritzed some of my favorite scented anointing oil on it and left it to “rest”.

sometimes all we need is a good…”switch off”. a fresh new anointing and the washing of the water by the word. topping it off with a rest like no other. one thing is needful and that is all we need.

that is, all i need.





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today’s early AM drive began roughly with two missed turns and one reverse leading out to a one way street where i went in the opposite direction and exited unscathed. it ended with drinks at TCC and kaya toast at ya kun.

i survived LORONG CHUAN.*phew*