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“have you heard of the analogy of the mechanical pencil and the wooden pencil before?”

ME : “errrr, no?”

the three of us were sitting at one of the prata stalls along simpang bedok, engaged in a discussion – on a late friday PM/saturday AM.

it was RARE for me to be engaged in any kind of discussion that required any form of thinking at a time such as this.

but this was no ordinary conversation.

we haven’t had one like this before – as far back as i can recall.

i was so engrossed in my sugar-coated tissue prata (and the aforementioned discussion ofcourse) that i barely noticed a fly stuck in the middle of it.

ME : “so what about the pencils?”

“there was a boy who asked his father for a mechanical pencil. that was all he really really wanted. the father loved his son very very much and wanted the best for the boy. but instead of giving the boy a mechanical pencil, he gave the boy a wooden one. when the boy received the pencil and realised that it was a wooden instead of a mechanical one, he was very angry with his father. both pencils had the same function and would ultimately derive the results. the only reason why the father gave the boy the wooden pencil instead was because he knew the mechanical pencil would hurt him.”

at that very moment i thought about several of my wooden pencils that i had amassed over the years.

it is not that DADDY didn’t hear me but because DADDY didn’t want me to get hurt.

everytime when i was ready, He would present me with my mechanical pencil.

only because prior to that, the wooden one was there to train me, to guide and coach me, to prepare me…

until i was ready.

oh wow.


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