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.Light of the World. April 15, 2009

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one of my favorite kids’ songs :)



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.THAT JALAN BESAR DRIVE at TWENTY-THREE. i survived :) and found the place.

.THAT JALAN BESAR DRIVE at TWENTY-THREE. i survived :) tasked to pick something up from this lane where HUGE vehicles are aplenty and people basically cross - anyhow. turned into small lanes on a whim and saw a diverse side of life from different eyes :) it was a pretty good drive. i like.



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FAVOR breaks rules.

bridges gaps.

overwhelms defeat.

and everything else in between.

FAVOR shields.

there is just something about favor.

and oh, did i mention? FAVOR is FREE :)  


i was there in the AM and there wasn’t a queue in sight. it was in fact, rather empty.

we decided to eat first and explored the new mall in a pretty systematic manner albeit floor by floor.

to my disappointment, when i reached the store later in the PM. it wasn’t just full. it was OVERFLOWING.

the queue snaked all the way to the entrance of the restrooms with a staff member craning his neck while perpetually holding up a sign directing people to the end/beginning of the queue.

my dad was really sweet and told me to wait in line cause he felt it would be pretty fast and told me he’d wait for me.

“nah…i’ll come back later.”


i did.

i was back there in the PM and there wasn’t a queue in sight. it was a shadow of what it was in the noon time.

was with my sis this time and we were (very) determined to get in.

we were reaching the entrance when i saw someone walk in and a staff member holding up a place card that read, “…..please come back tomorrow at 10AM.”

my heart sank.

was i going to be disappointed again, i thought quietly.

i was in two minds – a part of me wanted to walk away, albeit in defeat (think head hanging low with dark cloud over head scenario) but another part of me – the more prevalent part, mostly – decided to wait. for just a little. and bank on His love for me. on His favor that surrounds me. that follows me wherever i go. if it matters to me, it matters to Him.

i was pretty much deep in thought until i heard this lady beside me demand to see the boss. she wasn’t super angry or anything like that but she more or less wanted to know why we weren’t allowed to go in – despite it being an hour away from closing time and the store wasn’t half full.

a storm was brewing and the only way to keep safe is to really stay where you are. and watch.

i looked back and many people had taken advantage of the commotion and formed a queue from where we were all the way to the restrooms again.

my spirit lifted. we were going in.

my heart beat faster as the two who looked like senior staff approached the queue and spoke in hushed tones. in less than two minutes, they shifted a couple of barricades. in less than a minute later, they nodded to each other and LET US ALL IN.

we were the first to walk in.

we didn’t have to fight to get in.

in fact, we didn’t even have to do a thing.

that’s what favor does.

favor makes you the head and not the tail.

favor turns situations around.

praise god for FREE FAVORS.

IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING when favor is in the house :)




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SUNDAY : 8-ish AM

she pulled me aside and whispered, ” i need to talk to you.”

“wasssup?” i ventured closer to her…glancing around just to ensure that no one was close enough to hear our conversation. i was curious to hear what she was gonna ask/tell me. or, ohhhh. was she gonna let me in on something unusual or maybe TOP SECRET.

“uhm…how did you all manage to carry back SO MANY THINGS?!” her voice all but nearly knocked me off balance.

i laughed. yeah. a very hearty one.


i motioned to her to come closer.

“it’s the power of favor.”

SUNDAY : 9-ish AM

“eh…are you all talking or pumping the balloons, huh? how come so many of you here and so little balloons…”

“eh. come come…want to ask you something…”



<peals of laughter reverberate across the pretty silent corridor>


“actually i haven’t but i prolly will…”

“you should go see…i think you will think that is nothing.” <peals of laughter AGAIN>

SUNDAY : 2-ish PM

i (seriously) can’t quite remember  what i was conversing about with this group of people but it went on something like this…

“yahhhhh it’s super nice, you should go and buy it. love it…”

“you don’t have enough bags ah?!” <same thunderous peals of laughter emitted by different group of people>

i look at them in – i can’t decide; mock horror or horror. 


if you asked me now, whether a picture speaks a thousand words, i’d say that i wanna change my essay. big time.

there are many other things i can do or at least i believe i can do (by the grace of god) that i’d rather be known for – than the clothes/bags/etc i bought.

But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head – PSALM 3:3

and oh, for the record – i am not a shopaholic. just a pretty big fan of clothes. honest :)