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.OF THREE GIRLS. April 16, 2009

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GIRL #1:

just got back from a brief meeting with a girlfriend who lives two streets away from me.

a brief meeting where the plan was to meet at the mrt closest to my work place –> head straight to uniqlo –> pick up pants ready from alteration –> pick up some ham (love ham!) –> head home.

i got distracted. and increased my jean count by one.  

GIRL #2:

a gal pal sent me this group to join on f/b – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=146413710034

FIVE more sleeps. can’t wait to see the pics :)

GIRL #3:

someone buzzed me this AM while i was at work and told me something that made my heart beat a little faster.

he offered me something too good to resist. WAY TOO GOOD. my interest was piqued and i was pretty intrigued.

until he began to sound pushy. way too pushy for comfort. and i reckoned that he was just another smooth talker.

“oh, you need to make your decision now. it is the special for today. you will you receive the complimentary two-night stay. why are you hesitating? what are your concerns?”

he was calling from a group of hotels and had gotten my number from a hotel i stayed in one of my favorite places in the world. no, not HK – if you’re guessing. HK is third on my most frequented list after australia and thailand though i haven’t been to bangkok in awhile and i kinda miss that place. don’t know why but i just get this sweet nostalgic feeling everytime i’m there :)

“well, i just don’t really like the idea of having to make a decision now. i need some time to think. can i call you back?”

“the package is great for you. you don’t have to think anymore. it suits your travel needs and with all the freebies and discounts, it is blah blah blah…” he continues.

“well, if you aren’t gonna let me call back then i’m going to say no now.”

“oh oh, no, it’s not like that – no worries! i just want the best for you. i will call you back later.”

thank god for wisdom.

“hey, let me bounce something off you.”

shared with a colleague over lunch and the decision was clear. it’s funny and scary at the same time (now that i think of it) that i repeated the same question “becky” said.

“do i really need this?” and my answer was “no”.

there are times i know what i need and there are times i don’t. in the times that i don’t, i can count on what i have.

on Him for wisdom, on His wisdom through my friends.

and i am grateful/happy/thankful for really good friends.  

predominantly those who’ll tell you the pants you’re trying on stink so you won’t buy them just cause you like em.

how i love my friends :)


“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. ” proverbs 11:14



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I couldn’t accept it.

Not one bit. I walked around, turned and then walked around again.

I must be at the wrong floor/place/location. I had to be.

Yet the only place I was in was – denial.

I had gone to do my eyebrows – a process called trimming/shaping the eyebrows that females do to keep their brows in shape. these days, some men do this too. unibrow is when two brows join together. i don’t quite know why i said that. hah.

anyway – to my dismay, the shop was gone. like GONE. without a trace.

standing at where the shop used to be, i mused aloud.

not THAT loud to draw curious stares from onlookers ofcourse.

“how can it be gone :( i have to look for a new place now…iv’e been doing it here for like maybe 3-4 years already…”


i barely watch movies. but when i watch them, i usually focus a 100%. mostly, i even learn from them.

“…that totally defines you (reference to dad’s new caravan thingy).” becky (confessions of a shopaholic)

“…no it doesn’t. the only thing that defines me is you and your mother…” becky’s daddy.

who or what defines me?

is it 1.PEOPLE

ie. who someone thinks/says/believes i am?


ie. who i say i am? who i believe i am? who i think myself to be?

or 3.HIM

ie. whose I am and everything that He is, i am.

it is the latter.

Jesus defines me.

He characterizes, labels, identifies me.

He calls me more than a conqueror and says I have victory in Him. He tells me that His joy is my strength. He tells me to be of good cheer and be strong and courageous, not to be afraid. He says He is my wisdom and I have everything I need. He tells me that no weapon formed against me shall remain. He is my rest and my righteousness, my exceedingly great reward. He says i am destined to reign and to live the abundant life. He says i am His beloved one. The list goes on and will never cease.

yes, there may be a “sense of loss” having depended on something for such a long time and experiencing its abrupt departure can be saddening. but i will not let that shop dictate my happiness. at least i will choose not to :)

letting go isn’t always easy sometimes but i am reminded about WHO came to take the place of the law when it was time for the “law to go”. WHO came when it was time for a change.

and i’d liken change to seasons.

when spring goes, summer comes. it’s not that summer isn’t good. it’s just different.

with a new season, comes a new change of clothes.

we wear different clothes for different seasons.

imagine wearing winter clothing during summer. you will prolly feel out of place, uncomfortable and everything else associated with the adverse.

i think you’re getting the drift.

with new seasons come new notions/thinking/mindsets.  

it’s time to look for a new eyebrow trimming place. any recommendations? :)