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.FACT OR FICTION. April 20, 2009

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love sundays.

i can write a book on the many reasons why.

recounting the moments. recollecting the thoughts.

amidst the perpetual rhythmic cycle lies unanticipated delightful encounters waiting to occur.

there were a number today but only two are eligible for print :)

UNO : “i must tell you something! i dreamt of you last night!!”

“you’re kidding me. are you for real?”

nods vehemently.

“what about?”

“i dreamt you got married!”

“hahaha..so, was the groom good-looking, then?”

“yah! should be lahhhh…but i wasn’t invited to your wedding leh.”

“well, that’s your dream. cause in reality, you will be at mine.”

TRES: “can i ask you something?”

“sure, go ahead. wassup?”

“i noticed something about you.”

i went silent. it’s not everyday i hear something like that. and when i do. #1 : the walls go up. like battlefield mode, you know? do i really wanna hear this? is what he/she going to tell me a good thing or…? is it going to be hard to swallow? how should i react. oh, i know. i should remain nonchalant at all times. BREATHE. then #2 : i think too much. let’s hear this then think about what to say.


“i saw u yesterday and you were so different. you were so quiet in a big group…i was so surprised…”

i kept my silence as she continued to elucidate her point. i was speechless and mulling over an adequate reply.

in my musing, i realised she was now looking at me with quizzical eyes insinuating – is what i said fact/fiction?

i took a deep breath and replied – “uhm well…you have very good observation skills…”



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