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.iDREAM. April 23, 2009

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i have but one favorite subject in school and – no prizes for guessing – it was english. simply because i enjoyed it and well, i didn’t flunk it.

back then, i was (and i still am) a dreamer. when i am awake, mostly, as i rarely dream in my sleep. in and out of class i would dream about what i would be when i grew up. envisioning myself as a flight attendant (of no airline in particular) simply because of my love for travelling and serving. and oh, wasn’t it every little girl’s dream to be a flight attendant? :) i somehow found the notion of having the “power” to determine what you get to eat/drink, etc (i.e your happiness is in my hands) very gratifying. okay, when i was young. i don’t think so anymore. honest :))

i still dream now though, but of vastly different things.

there are THREE things (from jan till now at least) that i dream of fulfilling this year…somehow, the dateline has been set in July for one of them :P there are times i need a little push and this is one of them.



4 Responses to “.iDREAM.”

  1. Majimo Says:

    Dreams are what define us or define what we wish to be. It moves us forward in a positive direction. No dreams = No movement.

    Hold on to them.


    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      love that :) thanks. holding on isn’t easy BUT it’s worth a shot. guess i should pass them on and let HIM hold em’ for me :)

  2. Kok Leng Says:

    when you do fulfill the 3 goals you set for yourself you’ll have to share it with us, well, unless its private of course. :)

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