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.it is nice to sit and watch the birds fly by. April 23, 2009

Filed under: .All THINGS LOVELY. — twentyonepurplehorses @ 17:05

it is pretty nice to sit once in awhile.

and by sit i mean sit and do absolutely nothing but watch the world go by. it’s somewhat therepeutic like that :) go try.

i prop myself on a sun-kissed marble bench that straddles the divide between Cartier and Valentino. cars zoom by.

i watch people head from office to gyms. tai tais with bags in hand and child in the other. tourists. *pose, smile, click* away. students – in and out of uniform looking for a quick shopping fix. loads of people. from all walks of life and life in all walks pass by. they sit, they stretch, they yawn. they skip, they run, some drag themselves along.

a man walks past and mumbles to himself. a child sits two benches away with an ice-cream oblivious to everyone else around him.

someone plops down beside me and lights up. it’s time to move on. i walk away.

with only an iced-mocha in hand for company, where to next?



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