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i was at one of my favorite child-friendly places last night.

the kind of place where little ones run around freely and big ones chomp down those famous meatballs. yum.

i have a loving/not-so-loving relationship with this place.

loving : everything! what is there not to love about this pretty place? the smell of new furniture, meatballs(!), chicken wings, soft serve and those oh-so-pretty little things.

not-so-loving : buying something 9 times out of 10. today was one of the times i went back empty handed. *phew*

i was heading to the washroom after my dinner (or should i just say meatballs)  when three little ones headed haphazardly in my direction. i smiled at them and they smiled back. i didn’t realise that the lack of smiles behind me, till this conversation ensued.

“wahhhhhhhh…anyhow run somemore! these kids ahhhh…omg…”

“yahhhh lorrrrr. i can’t stand kids! everytime i see one i feel like grabbing their head and…”

what’s there not to love about kids? i have learned so much from them :) here’s a few –

1. they are EXTREMELY FORGIVING. they can fight one minute and make up within the next. they play together again, as though nothing happened before that. try explaining this to adults.

2. they have no CARES/WORRIES. they live each day to the fullest – like to the max. notice they can’t even differentiate tomorrow/last week? everyday is TODAY to them. it is so matthew 6:34. love that :)

3. they are SO HONEST. they say it as it is, all the time. if they like you, they’ll tell you :) and if they don’t…they prolly will too. a few weeks ago, this child poked me and said, “eh, you remember me?” and smiled. that moment was priceless.

4. they are FEARLESS. until big people teach them how to be afraid.

5. they AREN’T AFRAID TO BE THEMSELVES. one of my favorite traits about these adorable little ones. they run/roll/dance/shake/groove. see how they shine until they’re told to be shy.

no wonder daddy God asks us to be like them :) matthew 19:14

xoxo daddy’s beloved.


ROAD BLOCK (ii) May 26, 2009

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i looked right back at him. fearlessly.

held his gaze for awhile more, then looked away.

i had to. i was in the midst of parking.

i reversed into the lot slowly, albeit thinking of my next move.

should i get out of the car or should i stay put? i looked up.

he was still there. sitting silently in his car, looking right back at me. menacingly.

questions flew back and forth. what was he waiting for? why didn’t he leave his parked car and choose to sit there and wait in the dark? his engine was switched off, so were his lights. 

okay…breathe. calm, cool and steady me. you can do this.

i started praying and packing my stuff – and even planned my fastest getaway to the lift.

i got out slowly, but steadily and locked the doors – walking to the other side of the car to stall some time.

i bent down and looked through the windscreen, touching the side of the car lightly and anointing it with oil.

he was still watching me.

i took a deep breath, rolled back my shoulders (yes, bravely) and walked over to the lift. all the while, my eyes on him.

i will not fear, cause YOU are with me. YOUR rod and YOUR staff – they comfort me.

i made a mental note of his license plate and hid behind a pillar. and watched him.

he glanced around, slung his back across his chest and got out. he paused before locking his doors and headed towards the direction of my car.

he walked some more and then stopped. and turned and headed in the opposite direction.

i didn’t know what it was or what the episode was all about…but i know YOU are my safety, refuge and hiding place.

oh, if i see him again, i’d recognise him.

gosh, i think i watch too much CSI.

xoxo daddy’s beloved



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I ventured into new ground, a few hours ago and saw jelapang and jln bahar “come alive”; no longer were they road signs I flipped pages for but 3D standalones.

there is always an aura of excitement amidst waves of uncertainty and hesitation when you attempt to step into places you’ve heard of but never been.

and then you call “GOD!” a little louder (okay, much) when you realize where you planned to go is totally not where you’re currently at. it’s funny that way :)

I was en route to my destination when this car – going like 50 – camped in front of me. yes, we passed the “speed camera ahead sign” but they don’t take your picture till you’re pass 90 dude. i was mulling over my next move when 2 mobile police sped past me.

I smiled :) that roadblock was a set up for me.

sometimes, en route to our destination, we make wrong turns. there are times we stumble upon dead ends. but there’s always a way out.

that’s what U-turns are for.

and then there are warning signs. signs that are there for reasons we sometimes belittle or ignore.

but Jesus is way too kind and loves us way too much :) if you missed the warning signs (whether on purpose or with no ill intentions) He sets up roadblocks. to protect us. to keep us on track.

He will do everything and anything to ensure you stay on course and reach His desired destination for you.

our part is to drive. Jesus is our GPS. He directs. and His direction is always spot on.

He leads me beside the still waters. beside green pastures. Jesus is my shepherd. I have everything I need :)

if not for that roadblock in front of me going at 50, the picture that would’ve been taken would be mine.

xoxo Daddy’d little girl :)


@ work May 23, 2009

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waiting for my course to start in 5 :)


got ball? :)

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it was a lazy mid-AM like no other.
rolling out of bed past 11 and receiving the news that the sister finally took off at 7-ish – I headed to the kitchen. brunch and papers on my mind.

plopped down w food and juice in one hand and papers in the other; at the dining and digged in. perfect.

I was halfway into my food and absorbed in my own world when I heard the sound of shuffling feet. and then again. and once more.

I peeked out and there he was. my neighbour’s son. hugging onto the grills of my gate with a sheepish smile.

I smiled back. my lunch time was going to be play time :)