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and all things become NEW May 12, 2009

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*peals of laughter*
“turn around!”
“how much?!”


this AM was anything but nondescript. a typical AM where an atypical CHANGE had taken place.

nope. i didn’t change jobs. p.s. wouldn’t trade it for the world. changed the other most important thing to a female other than her face. hah! yes, changed my hair. big time :)

the last I had hair this short was when I was five. scary/ugly bowl cut that made me vouch that I’d never have short hair again. ever. little did I know i’d break that vow years later.

coming back, one comment stood out.
“bet u thought twice/thrice before u did this!” honestly, I did it on a whim. my stylist said – give u something fresh okay? I said okay with such gusto and then – errr not toooo short okay? would i regret this?! as i saw my hair (in all its glory) fall to the ground. I was scared (and praying!) – and didnt even dare look at the mirror. when it was done, i took a peek. it took awhile to get used to. and is still.

change. some jump in, others need the extra push. but only the ones who do, experience the journey. the bystanders see the finished product but the participant – everything in between.

I’m beginning to like this change. what I went through was worth it. or so, I think. only time will tell. if not, at least I save on shampoo. hah! :)



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