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jojo’s post :) May 14, 2009

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for this post, i decided to share something from a friend. 

am thinkin that it’s pretty nice to feature a post from a friend; here and then :)

here’s what jojo shared with me this morning – verbatim. loved it so much, gotta share it. <with her consent ofcourse>

hope it moved you as much as it moved me :)

<jojo’s testimony : 14 MAY 09>


when i come out of the house.it was raining so very heavily. but being jolyn, i refuse to use the umbrella, rather i didnt bring an unbrella out.

the house to the bus stop was sheltered all the way, except this road (with no traffic light so u gotta cross the road with ur eyes BIG BIG)… so yes. i had to go under the rain…. crossed half the road and waited for the other half till it was carless. the cars just zoomed past, water flying at all directions. got me pretty worried of getting splashed.

But it was so amazing, this lady appeared from nowhere and sheltered me with her umbrella.

even though it was half a road, i was so touched and so thankful. Plus, i wasn’t splashed. the cars that were zooming, seemed to past without much notice. it continued to pour, there was a jam. prayed abt it and =) it stopped. no drizzle though threatening to rain.

so here i am, LATE but un-drenched.  this is my story to share. hahahaha

:) AWESOME things happen to people who believe that GOD LOVES THEM.



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