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i looked at her and she looked back.

her expression lighting up – slowly, albeit surely.

she was i believe, digesting my words – realising the truth behind it and then she responded. in kind.

i was in one of my favorite boutiques waiting for my sister to emerge (with spoils in hand/s) from the dressing room.

happy (should be extremely happy – hah!) that i didn’t buy anything, i decided to head to the cashier to top up the points into my card from my previous two purchases.

the cashier takes a look at my card and two receipts and this converstion ensued.

“oh…hmmm…actually the points can only be added within a week of your purchase. so, this one (she points to one of the receipts) cannot add.”

“the lady at the other outlet didn’t inform me about this…” i prayed for favor.

“hmmm…okay, normally we don’t do this…but i’ll do it for you – just this time.”

“thanks!” favor is undeserved.  

*she swipes the card once. and then twice. and then once more.

“hmmmm…i think your card is faulty…got scratch. i can make a new one for you. you fill this form…”

i proceeded to fill the form.

*meanwhile, she fumbles around the drawer looking for something.*

i hand the form over to her.

“errr…err…we ran out of new cards so…err…i think you have to go to another outlet to get a new one.”

“uhm…you want me to go to another outlet to apply for a new card because you do not have anymore here and when i go there you want me to refill the form because you need to keep this one i’ve just filled?” 

if she met someone else, she would prolly get a dressing down. 

my words began to sink in and her eyes told me that she too thought that it was nothing short of being incredulous. 

“uhmmm…u wait ah.” a few seconds later, she came out. 

“okay, you come back here next week. we will do it for you.”  

“next thursday? “

“errr….maybe more than one week lah…cause we also not sure when they’ll come..”

i think i’ll call before i come (:

i learned a precious real-life lesson today.  

there is a difference between saying something you are supposed to say and actually believing what you say.

saying something you believe in, makes sense.

it makes room for feelings, for flexibility, for thought.

it puts things in perspective. and people matter.

saying something just cause you’re supposed to – does not.

what a reminder this was (:



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