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ROAD BLOCK (ii) May 26, 2009

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i looked right back at him. fearlessly.

held his gaze for awhile more, then looked away.

i had to. i was in the midst of parking.

i reversed into the lot slowly, albeit thinking of my next move.

should i get out of the car or should i stay put? i looked up.

he was still there. sitting silently in his car, looking right back at me. menacingly.

questions flew back and forth. what was he waiting for? why didn’t he leave his parked car and choose to sit there and wait in the dark? his engine was switched off, so were his lights. 

okay…breathe. calm, cool and steady me. you can do this.

i started praying and packing my stuff – and even planned my fastest getaway to the lift.

i got out slowly, but steadily and locked the doors – walking to the other side of the car to stall some time.

i bent down and looked through the windscreen, touching the side of the car lightly and anointing it with oil.

he was still watching me.

i took a deep breath, rolled back my shoulders (yes, bravely) and walked over to the lift. all the while, my eyes on him.

i will not fear, cause YOU are with me. YOUR rod and YOUR staff – they comfort me.

i made a mental note of his license plate and hid behind a pillar. and watched him.

he glanced around, slung his back across his chest and got out. he paused before locking his doors and headed towards the direction of my car.

he walked some more and then stopped. and turned and headed in the opposite direction.

i didn’t know what it was or what the episode was all about…but i know YOU are my safety, refuge and hiding place.

oh, if i see him again, i’d recognise him.

gosh, i think i watch too much CSI.

xoxo daddy’s beloved


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