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ROAD BLOCK May 26, 2009

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I ventured into new ground, a few hours ago and saw jelapang and jln bahar “come alive”; no longer were they road signs I flipped pages for but 3D standalones.

there is always an aura of excitement amidst waves of uncertainty and hesitation when you attempt to step into places you’ve heard of but never been.

and then you call “GOD!” a little louder (okay, much) when you realize where you planned to go is totally not where you’re currently at. it’s funny that way :)

I was en route to my destination when this car – going like 50 – camped in front of me. yes, we passed the “speed camera ahead sign” but they don’t take your picture till you’re pass 90 dude. i was mulling over my next move when 2 mobile police sped past me.

I smiled :) that roadblock was a set up for me.

sometimes, en route to our destination, we make wrong turns. there are times we stumble upon dead ends. but there’s always a way out.

that’s what U-turns are for.

and then there are warning signs. signs that are there for reasons we sometimes belittle or ignore.

but Jesus is way too kind and loves us way too much :) if you missed the warning signs (whether on purpose or with no ill intentions) He sets up roadblocks. to protect us. to keep us on track.

He will do everything and anything to ensure you stay on course and reach His desired destination for you.

our part is to drive. Jesus is our GPS. He directs. and His direction is always spot on.

He leads me beside the still waters. beside green pastures. Jesus is my shepherd. I have everything I need :)

if not for that roadblock in front of me going at 50, the picture that would’ve been taken would be mine.

xoxo Daddy’d little girl :)


2 Responses to “ROAD BLOCK”

  1. Majimo Says:

    Why were you going to Jalan Bahar?

    Anyways my personal phrase when I drive is “Jesus is my co-pilot” and I have been graced with the same favour and blessing as you have described here. He is so good ya!

    I really like “Jesus in our GPS” its very suiting. I would have thought about it myself but, when I started driving there was no such thing as GPS in cars! hahahaha…


    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      was at jelapang and gave my friend a lift back to her place in boon lay. it was like the other end of the world for me. i’ve never even been anywhere near there before! haha…

      :) yeah. He is so so faithful. after awhile, i had to just let go and let Him lead instead of refering to the map cause it is really hard to look and drive when you’re on your own :)

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