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i was at one of my favorite child-friendly places last night.

the kind of place where little ones run around freely and big ones chomp down those famous meatballs. yum.

i have a loving/not-so-loving relationship with this place.

loving : everything! what is there not to love about this pretty place? the smell of new furniture, meatballs(!), chicken wings, soft serve and those oh-so-pretty little things.

not-so-loving : buying something 9 times out of 10. today was one of the times i went back empty handed. *phew*

i was heading to the washroom after my dinner (or should i just say meatballs)  when three little ones headed haphazardly in my direction. i smiled at them and they smiled back. i didn’t realise that the lack of smiles behind me, till this conversation ensued.

“wahhhhhhhh…anyhow run somemore! these kids ahhhh…omg…”

“yahhhh lorrrrr. i can’t stand kids! everytime i see one i feel like grabbing their head and…”

what’s there not to love about kids? i have learned so much from them :) here’s a few –

1. they are EXTREMELY FORGIVING. they can fight one minute and make up within the next. they play together again, as though nothing happened before that. try explaining this to adults.

2. they have no CARES/WORRIES. they live each day to the fullest – like to the max. notice they can’t even differentiate tomorrow/last week? everyday is TODAY to them. it is so matthew 6:34. love that :)

3. they are SO HONEST. they say it as it is, all the time. if they like you, they’ll tell you :) and if they don’t…they prolly will too. a few weeks ago, this child poked me and said, “eh, you remember me?” and smiled. that moment was priceless.

4. they are FEARLESS. until big people teach them how to be afraid.

5. they AREN’T AFRAID TO BE THEMSELVES. one of my favorite traits about these adorable little ones. they run/roll/dance/shake/groove. see how they shine until they’re told to be shy.

no wonder daddy God asks us to be like them :) matthew 19:14

xoxo daddy’s beloved.


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