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i love concerts :)

there is just something about the rush of adrenalin.

the lights! the cameras, and oh – the action.

i’ve been to numerous concerts throughout the years – plays, musicals, theatres and the like.

yet the one that etches itself deeply in my memory, the one that stands out from the rest – is not one that boasts an international famed diva-esque celebrity. it is also not one where fireworks beams itself out of the edges of the stage. neither is it one where the performance was well worth its buck.

it is the one where nothing short of 22,000 people’s voices reverberate against the walls of the arena in unison – singing praise and worship to THE ONE. 

a year has passed since i went to THE HILLSONG CONFERENCE with 3 of my homies (as Judah Smith would say) but i still get those goosebumps thinking about the whole experience. the last night, in particular – where no one wanted it to end and when the music team left the stage and the lights were dimmed, the entire arena broke into “woah oh, ohhhh oh oh, woahh oh, ohhh oh oh…” (the bridge of YOUR NAME HIGH) – there was a short pause followed by drum beats and the team went straight into the encore, much to the delight and elation of the entire stadium.

it was : unforgettable. i still smile, thinking about it.

i felt as if i relived a small part of it, 4 nights ago. perhaps it was partly attributed to familiar faces, or names or the presence of lights! cameras, and oh – action. and the anointing. it was simply – AWESOME. enjoyed it so much.

but what happens after it all ends? when the lights dim and the music fades away? do we go back to who we were before or do we allow that moment of light to penetrate through the darkness and transform us like never before?

yet, the truth is blinding. we cannot live from conference to conference. or Sundays to Sundays even. what goes on in the midst of the week between those days where faith/hope/love is at its peak?

if life is a journey then i am a car. i need refills too. to move along, to move ahead. sometimes the road is smooth, at other times, it can be bumpy or rough, even. but i press on, because i know there is enough fuel in me to move on. there is sufficient air in my tyres to continue this journey. once in a while, i go for servicing. but i cannot wait till then to refuel. you know how weird i sound and travel when i am “empty”. and oh, did i not mention that i need a wash daily, too? :)

there is no other washing, than the washing of the water by the Word. there is another kind of adrenalin. another kind of light that you can experience daily. not only do i want my car to be in tip top shape but i have my personal chauffer who takes the wheel. that way, i know i’ll always get to the right destination ;)

not that conferences aren’t good, don’t get me wrong. i love them and i think they are fantastic. i’d go to one again in a heartbeat. Sundays? my favoritest day of the week – if there is such a word. but i can’t wait till then to refuel :)


ps. cheers to your daily wash! :)



MY SAVIOR is SECOND TO NONE. July 27, 2009

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woah – what a week. period.

packed days, and nights.

bustling with activity after activity, work/play all day.

i was on the way home in the car on the 3rd day of the week; with the sis when mum told us that the brother had fever of 38.8 degrees. and sorethroat. and runny nose. what a combination to have in times like these.

exhaustion had slowly but stealthily crept in, unbeknownst to me and i felt the weight of the news press heavily on my shoulders.

to picture my brother sick, tired, listless and speechless in a constant horizontal position was unsettling to me. he is one who lives (i mean loves) to talk. and i mean TALK. if he could, he would find a way to talk in his sleep.

and so i began to pray. in Your language. in THE language that transcends all barriers. THE LANGUAGE THAT BREAKS DOWN WALLS. oh how i find my rest in YOU.

there was such a peace, a calm that washed over me. a stillness that remained. at that moment i knew that everything would be okay. despite the bad report the doctor had given, despite the symptoms that so glaringly stared at you in your face, i knew. behold the LAMB.

i partook the Holy Communinion and reminded myself that no plague shall come near my dwelling. anointing him with oil, i laid my hands on him and prayed. a prayer of thanksgiving. that the life of Christ dispels every inch of darkness. that the death of Christ bore every ounce of pain.

the fever broke. almost instantly and 2 days later, his health was 100% restored, albeit 3 kg lighter.

You are faithful Lord Jesus, so beautiful. oh how you are SECOND TO NONE.

xoxo daddy’s beloved :)


*pursue! July 18, 2009

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we headed to the foodcourt to fellowship after the mind-blowing talk.

an insight through the eyes of a true blue citizen – it renewed my love for the most beautiful country (in my own opinion) and re-ignited the zeal and passion i had for that nation. His nation. the ground on which His footprints were embedded upon and the storms which stilled in an instant, at the sound of His voice.

it was fun, laughing with the group of about 9 of us as we rarely have time for such gatherings on other days :)

“eh, shall we go for service after this?” one asked.

i paused.

“yes, lets.” on any other day i would’ve said no. only because i didn’t want to take the time to. having this pre-conceived notion that sat’s are for lazing by the pool, etc if there weren’t meetings of sorts. but this was different. okay, somewhat. because i was already there, i thought hey, let’s just go.

and so we went. and we were not disappointed. in contrary, we were enlightened. i felt the weight lift from my shoulders and i emerged – a Champion. not that i wasn’t one before i went in. but simply because i was reminded of my worth in You.  

i was in tears even before the sermon began as i felt Your love wash over me.

2 weeks of insufficient sleep albeit tossing and turning was beginning to take its toil on me but i remained in denial. i carried the weight of my challenge on my own shoulders though i said i’ll cast them to You. trying instead of trusting. attempting to make my own decision though You told me “Go For It” twice when i asked You what i should do. i swallowed my fears and dried my tears. put on a facade of strength to carry on. and i feigned it well. till now.

“The word for the next half of the year is : PURSUE.”

my jaw dropped.

“In the next half of the year, you will see the promises of God come to pass in your life.”

the tears fell.

in an instant, the walls i built so meticulously well, fell to the ground.

i liken this to standing at the edge of the cliff. your legs are strapped securely, awaiting the fall. it is time to bungee but you dare not jump. your legs are paralysed and you can’t seem to move. all because you looked down. your eyes have now shifted from your place of security to the insecurities that present itself before you. your focus has inadvertently panned to the giants.

fear is subtle. it’s kinda like those creepers you know? that grow slowly but surely. and wrap itself around your thoughts…only if you allow it to. no wonder You told us to guard our hearts. to rest in You. to trust You. to bank on Your unending grace. thank you for Your word that reminded me to shift my focus on Your love for me. to shift my focus to You. the One whose name when mentioned evokes even mountains to bow.  

i love this in the MSG bible version of Philippians 4:7 that says <Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.>

who says the promised land didn’t have giants?

only 2 saw the fruit and pursued.

i want to be numbered among those two :)

xoxo Jesus’ beloved

p/s: besides lazing by the pool, meetings and trainings of sorts, i now have a new dedication for sat’s. oh joy! :)


.BREAK 18.

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it’s been a month since i wrote my last post.
it’s been so long, so fast, so soon.
right to the day i last penned my post, i write my next one.

and oh, i have chosen my A/B :)

i don’t want to reveal too much yet, till its time.
till then, i will count down the days – till i receive news that i am one step closer to my dream.

i plan my ways oh Lord, but it is You who directs my steps.

5 days and counting