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.BREAK 18. July 18, 2009

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it’s been a month since i wrote my last post.
it’s been so long, so fast, so soon.
right to the day i last penned my post, i write my next one.

and oh, i have chosen my A/B :)

i don’t want to reveal too much yet, till its time.
till then, i will count down the days – till i receive news that i am one step closer to my dream.

i plan my ways oh Lord, but it is You who directs my steps.

5 days and counting


4 Responses to “.BREAK 18.”

  1. Kok Leng Says:

    Sounds exciting! Whatever it is, I hope you get to your heart’s desire!

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      thank you! :)
      yes, i am really excited – at least i can sleep better now. i haven’t been able to for 2 weeks now. i still have a week to go before i know for sure and i can’t wait! will fill u all in soonest :)

  2. Majimo Says:

    I noticed the absence too. Glad you are back. Decisions are tough but your a pretty awesomely blessed girl so I am sure the one you made is the right one.


    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      thanks M.
      i have gd friends like u to cheer me on.
      grateful for all of uuu :)
      8 more days to go, or so.

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