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UP! August 20, 2009

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i caught sight of its tail flying in the distance.

its colors waltzed across the deep blue sky. what a pretty backdrop, i thought to myself.

the winds took it higher and i stood, enraptured by the dazzling sight – lost in thought.

the kite rose higher into the sky, each time swirling and twirling as the winds took it higher somemore.

it seemed to have a mind on its own – fully understanding its purpose, what it was created, destined for.

to soar.

there were times when the winds howled a little longer and louder than usual and the kite threatened to nosedive, the kitesman gently tugged on its strings and the kite slowly, yet surely, shifted and headed in a different direction.

at other times the curious kite would follow the winds and swoop down low. way too close to the trees. again you see the kitesman intervene and tug on its strings gently, but firmly, as if giving a word of caution, advising the kite that it was too close to danger.

the kitesman leads, guides, protects, enpowers and loves.

what a beautiful picture. what a beautiful kitesman.

i am created to soar, am i not?

xoxo Jesus’ beloved

p.s. this title is kinda inspired by the movie. i love the little boy! but i also read about the dying girl who wanted to watch this movie before she passed on and she did. RIP.