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YOUNG & RESTFUL October 9, 2009

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there is always a little bus waiting to take some old folks away from beneath my block for their AM exercise at a nearby home.

I have never seen it’s doors open before till just. I’ve always for the longest time wondered what that cute little van looked like inside. I’m curious like that. today, my curiosity was satisfied.

with it’s cute little door open and it’s speakers on, I heard a familiar twang. my pastor’s. I smiled. no wonder I’ve always been curious about you, I thought. it’s funny how somethings are inexplicable like that.

off to read urban before I head to work now. on it’s cover pg reads “YOUNG & RESTLESS”. are the young always likened to being restless? this is the 2nd time I’ve seen this in a few days.

I’d like to think that the next generation of youth are destined to be “YOUNG & RESTFUL” in my world.