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.THE PERFECT OFFERING. October 14, 2009

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as i walked towards the front of one of the screens in 603, my heart skipped a beat. i was happy/excited/loved. arriving early, having time to unwind before the service is something i’ve always looked forward to.

worship was awesome. there’s just something about raising your hands. declaring unspoken victory over meandering waves of trial. those same hands were raised when You breathed Your last on that tree.

“oh, how i wish…they sang THE PERFECT OFFERING.” i mused to myself as we sat down to partake holy communion after the final song.

as the sermon ends, pastor turns to the musicians and say, “You know what, I still feel that we should sing…THE PERFECT OFFERING.”

i was floored.

it was so pure and simple. a gentle reminder me once again that my Daddy desires to give me good gifts. something that meant much to me, meant all to Him. That is the kinda God who loves. That is the manner of the God whom i serve.

it is a blessing Daddy, to be your child.

what an honor and privilege, to know that You are pleased when we take more.



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