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.FIRE-STARTER. October 16, 2009

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“it only takes a spark to get a fire burning.”

a line famous enough to evoke a revolution, inspire a song.

i was first burned by fire when i was 5. a cousin’s fag grazed my right cheek. and i didn’t even cry. too much baby fats on my face, i guess. hah.

selah –

i love to play games. fun games! not ice-breaker games. i used to hide in the toilet or act sick to skip those. honestly. but i don’t do that anymore. as far as i can recall :)

let’s play a game. what do you think of when you hear “FIRE”?

when i hear FIRE – i think: destroy, damage, pain, hurt, fear, loss, anxiety, separation,  anguish, anger, distraught, doom, gloom.

fires aren’t any much of a good thing, basically.

in my world, i read – “it only takes a thought to set the fire raging.”

be very wary what you think. a negative thought infects your entire system and like a spark, sets a fire raging. a fire burns within you. now, what did we say fire reminds us of again?

GAME PLAY #2 : What vanquishes fire?

WATER. i think you’re getting there.

say it aloud: “RIVERS OF LIVING WATER”

okay, now let me put it together for you! yeah, i do love putting pieces together. imaginary puzzles are fine, just not real ones.

when a spark comes along, threatening to burn our house down, we pray in the spirit to release rivers of living water into our situation to put out the spark, even before the fire has any chance to manifest.

oh, and wet grounds make impossible grounds for sparks to ignite while dry grounds give sparks optimum level of opportunity to be ignited.

whoa. i want my ground to be SOAKED. IN THE SPIRIT.




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just keep feeding and resting. believing. reminding. and trusting.

the light at the end of the tunnel is soon.

is now.

it is often closer than you think.

don’t give up, press on.

press on.