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BEAUTY-FULL> October 20, 2009

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i love this.

i’m sensitive to dove (yes, i break out in rash) but i love what they did here.

beauty is beauty when it’s all about who you are and who He made you to be :)

“whenever i don’t have to wear make-up, it’s a good day.” – cameron diaz



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i went for an eye-check up recently because we happened to be there.¬†on a few occasions, here and there, i’ve realized that my vision wasn’t as clear as before, especially while driving. figured that it was pretty dangerous when you can’t see where you’re going and who you’re coming up against. as usual, i’ve been anointing my eyes with anointing oil at the start of my day every day and i did the same before heading to the optometrist. no one wants to hear a bad report.

my turn came and the lady checked my glasses. so many scratches, she retorted. i wasn’t surprised. i throw my specs around. literally. she tested my eyes and said that i had astigmatism that i didn’t know of. my heart sank. i felt exactly the same way when the doctor at the national skin centre told me seven years ago that i had a hereditary skin condition that would last a lifetime. that same feeling washed over me. but i didn’t let it fester. because 7 years later, the skin condition is no more. my Jesus has healed me and His word is final. truth always triumphs facts. always.

i let her finish her story. we went outside to test the degree of the lenses. and then it came to me. i only had 3 hours of sleep before this. no wonder i can’t see clearly. yes, it was a night, no, day filled with fellowship, fun and laughter with the girls – that kept me up till 7. i told the lady i feel dizzy and so she began to alter the degree. 20 minutes later, the verdict was announced. my degree was the same as it was, about 3-4 years before. the lady even made this comment, “wow, your eyes are very sensitive. can even detect an increase in 15degrees. this is uncommon.”

i haven’t had perfect vision since i was primary 4. but my degree has miraculously decreased over the years. from 250 and 200, it is now residing at 150 and 75. and it will only get better.

it can only be Jesus.

I am standing on the side of Victory because the VICTOR is in me.




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