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:) up and about! November 2, 2009

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if there’s something or motto thingy i’ve learned from life; it would be “make the best of whatever you’ve got.”

so while being kinda under the weather for the past few days, i’m thankful that the flu bug didn’t come on full force – thank yewwwww Jesus! :)

so what was i up to? learning html. and enjoyed it so much, i wanna keep learning more!

the other site

loves! xoxo


heart thaiiii.

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meet Mieng Kham.

a thai snack, i had the privilege of trying the other day when a colleague’s friend brought some back from thailand.

yummy! another reason why i love bkk.

haven’t been there in ages though i’ve been there at least 5 times.

streetside beef noodles and suan lum besides other things. loves!