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heart thaiiii. November 2, 2009

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meet Mieng Kham.

a thai snack, i had the privilege of trying the other day when a colleague’s friend brought some back from thailand.

yummy! another reason why i love bkk.

haven’t been there in ages though i’ve been there at least 5 times.

streetside beef noodles and suan lum besides other things. loves!



4 Responses to “heart thaiiii.”

  1. Majimo Says:

    Go to Yellow Light lah, they have it, somemore near your area.

  2. Majimo Says:


    A Thai restaurant on Katong Road that we frequent and is opened by a good friend of ours. Go check it out.

    If you do pay special attention to the menu.

    • twentyonepurplehorses Says:

      YUMMMM. never seen it before. how come! living in katong most part of my life :| strange. whch shop is it located near?

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