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WOW, GOD. WOW. November 5, 2009

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the God who shut the mouth of lions and opened the mouth of a whale is the same God who will make a way for me.

regardless of whether it’s due to unforeseen circumstances or a result of my own undoing, my God is for me.

what an AWESOME GOD we serve.

what an AWESOME GOD who loves.



MY SAVIOR is SECOND TO NONE. July 27, 2009

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woah – what a week. period.

packed days, and nights.

bustling with activity after activity, work/play all day.

i was on the way home in the car on the 3rd day of the week; with the sis when mum told us that the brother had fever of 38.8 degrees. and sorethroat. and runny nose. what a combination to have in times like these.

exhaustion had slowly but stealthily crept in, unbeknownst to me and i felt the weight of the news press heavily on my shoulders.

to picture my brother sick, tired, listless and speechless in a constant horizontal position was unsettling to me. he is one who lives (i mean loves) to talk. and i mean TALK. if he could, he would find a way to talk in his sleep.

and so i began to pray. in Your language. in THE language that transcends all barriers. THE LANGUAGE THAT BREAKS DOWN WALLS. oh how i find my rest in YOU.

there was such a peace, a calm that washed over me. a stillness that remained. at that moment i knew that everything would be okay. despite the bad report the doctor had given, despite the symptoms that so glaringly stared at you in your face, i knew. behold the LAMB.

i partook the Holy Communinion and reminded myself that no plague shall come near my dwelling. anointing him with oil, i laid my hands on him and prayed. a prayer of thanksgiving. that the life of Christ dispels every inch of darkness. that the death of Christ bore every ounce of pain.

the fever broke. almost instantly and 2 days later, his health was 100% restored, albeit 3 kg lighter.

You are faithful Lord Jesus, so beautiful. oh how you are SECOND TO NONE.

xoxo daddy’s beloved :)