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.precious moments. May 23, 2009

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A. 15 May : the inaugural INDONESIAN service

enjoyed the service so much! it took loads of focus/brain power and concentration (albeit while praying) to understand because i do not speak fluent bahasa, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. the p&w was powerful. by Boanerges. simple lyrics, powerful truths. i cannot seem to find them online though. loved the songs so much, i bought their album. hanya kau yesus! (:

B. 20 May : the BIBLE STUDY

the energy level/vibes that reverberated across where we were, for that matter was – indescribable. we all sang the same tune. it was the service we were waiting for. we left recharged, without a doubt. and it’s really nice to sit with friends, too! when service was over, the carpark was pretty much bare, save for a few cars parked in scattered places. we took half an hour to vacate but hey, it was so worth the wait (:

i love my church (: