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A vs B June 18, 2009

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“eh. choose A or B.”
“choose what?”
“just sayyyyyy. A or B! fasterrrr…”
“why do u want me to choose??!”
“just sayyyyyyy!”
“okay okay…..B!”
“yay! I also chose B!”
“#%£¥@!….ask me to choose for what.”

there are times when we know what we ought to choose (mostly) but just want to hear someone else’s opinion. if they agree – good. if they don’t? we’ll convince them to – by selling all the good points of the choice you made.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said “what would you do if you were me?” and I’d go “YAHHHH…” if they reiterated what I said seconds before. we just love it when people agree with us, don’t we? (it’s the same with clothes but that’s another thing altogether).

but sometimes it’s not the number of people who agree with you that count. 10 people agreeing with you doesn’t mean – yay! we’re right. it is not always a case of “majority wins” 100% of the time. we could all be wrong for that matter.

I was tossing in bed deciding between my A and B. between something I’d like and something I thought would be good for me. and then it hit me.

making a decision is being lead by the “life” aka “the peace within”. (the tree of life vs the tree of knowledge of good and evil). choosing that which is life over that which i perceive is good for me.

it’s 205AM and I’ve made my choice :)

xoxo Jesus’ little girl


.GREAT is your GRACE. June 17, 2009

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its uncanny how the previous post got automatically labeled <505> when i didn’t deliberately leave the heading out. i just didn’t know what to caption it.

it just somehow got itself tagged as <505>

your grace is sufficient for me and your strength made perfect in my weakness.