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MY SAVIOR is SECOND TO NONE. July 27, 2009

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woah – what a week. period.

packed days, and nights.

bustling with activity after activity, work/play all day.

i was on the way home in the car on the 3rd day of the week; with the sis when mum told us that the brother had fever of 38.8 degrees. and sorethroat. and runny nose. what a combination to have in times like these.

exhaustion had slowly but stealthily crept in, unbeknownst to me and i felt the weight of the news press heavily on my shoulders.

to picture my brother sick, tired, listless and speechless in a constant horizontal position was unsettling to me. he is one who lives (i mean loves) to talk. and i mean TALK. if he could, he would find a way to talk in his sleep.

and so i began to pray. in Your language. in THE language that transcends all barriers. THE LANGUAGE THAT BREAKS DOWN WALLS. oh how i find my rest in YOU.

there was such a peace, a calm that washed over me. a stillness that remained. at that moment i knew that everything would be okay. despite the bad report the doctor had given, despite the symptoms that so glaringly stared at you in your face, i knew. behold the LAMB.

i partook the Holy Communinion and reminded myself that no plague shall come near my dwelling. anointing him with oil, i laid my hands on him and prayed. a prayer of thanksgiving. that the life of Christ dispels every inch of darkness. that the death of Christ bore every ounce of pain.

the fever broke. almost instantly and 2 days later, his health was 100% restored, albeit 3 kg lighter.

You are faithful Lord Jesus, so beautiful. oh how you are SECOND TO NONE.

xoxo daddy’s beloved :)


.tanning in progress. June 8, 2009

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it was a super shiny afternoon and after rolling outta bed at 1-ish, I decided to head to the pool. I brought my brother along but how and why I agreed to let him bring his squirter thingy along totally baffles me.

save for a few times where I had water shot in my eyes/face/ears/nose – it was pretty fun.

and I derived a nice tan too :) yay.