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.”TEST-TIMONY”. May 23, 2009

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when i said my goodbyes to my sis and her friends (and went on a little about remembering to buy this and that for me) earlier around 8-ish, i wasn’t expecting to hear from her again. well at least till she touched down in ozzie land, that is.

she buzzed me about half past nine.

“ehhhhhhh….you know what. i’m still here lorrrrrr.”

“okay. it’s either 6 hours or nothing at all remember?”

we were once delayed in melbourne for half an hour short of 6. oh, well.

she asks about the development in tonight’s episode of the korean drama we’re watching, we chat a bit and then she hangs up.

i get her text at 2247 hours : going in – wheeeeeeeeeeeee (:

2323 hours : the phone rings. again.

“OMG lor. i’m still here.”

delays? they keep us grounded. (no pun intended)

there are times when things go off course – and run in a totally different direction.

when the things we’ve taken time to plan fall to pieces.

and everything we thought we knew is no longer what it seems.

that’s when we hang on to the life-giver, instead of hanging on to life.

trusting that all things SHALL AND WILL WORK OUT FOR OUR GOOD. no matter what. romans 8:28

What can we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us? romans 8:31 (NLT)

if everything goes according to our plans 24/7, we wouldn’t need God already, would we?

He’s not just there for the ups, He’s there for our downs too.

i know i don’t always have the answers but im glad i know the one who does.

i don’t always understand everything and there are things, albeit many, beyond my comprehension – but i trust the one who synchronizes my life and puts the pieces together.

the one who makes all things beautiful in His time.

0100 hours : we’re leaving at 0130 hours.

 i’ll be awake till i get her “I’m leaving now” text.

for with every test, there’ll always be a testimony (:

xoxo bon voyage