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LOVE.LIGHT.LIFE. February 14, 2010

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happy happy valentine’s day!

hope you had an awesome one with your loved ones.

that’s the most important thing and the thing that really matters :)




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are you having an awesome holiday?  (:

it’s sunday tomorrow and also v.day and i’m pretty excited because i get to spend time with my family.

celebrating dad’s birthday is also a plus point for me.

i’ve been busy, hence the lack of posts but they’ll come back on pretty regularly soon – i hope!

awesome weekend! :)



HELLO JAPAN?! January 23, 2010

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i dreamt that i went to japan last night and bought my self some cool, funky old school cameras.

i woke up happy.

till i realised it was but a dream.

but i still want to make it to japan! i’ve always heard/seen so much about it.

on a separate note, i got myself a new watch.

i set my eyes on it 2 weeks ago, having procrastinated for the longest time to get a new one because the straps of my two favorite watches gave up on me.

pretty bummed considering both have lasted more than a couple of years, the latter setting me back at a bargain of only 10bucks and i’ve never changed its battery once in 2 years.

its still running and i don’t know what to do with it. i don’t really know where to go to change the strap and things like that. any advice?

anyway, about the new watch – it’s a casio. i was looking at another model but he (the watch uncle) sold it off 2 days earlier. boo. he was pretty shocked that i wanted it cause he said it was unpopular and aunty-ish. but i loved it and might still wanna see where i can get it though he made mention that there’s hardly anywhere that carries that old model anymore. i’ll tell you if i do get it though :)

and so he showed me the next on the list of unpopular models; albeit still baffled why i didn’t want something more well received. having a penchant for things uncommon…i didn’t want to scare him further by telling him that sometimes i choose things with imperfections….i chose this (my first pictures of it).

and so i went to work this morning, with a skip in my step, happy and content with my new accessory and lo and behold, my colleague (funny i never noticed) has EXACTLY the same watch as me.

we laughed as i shared with her this story because A. she knows my liking for one of a kind stuff and B. she loves the popular. we both concluded that since we chose the same watch, we must have great taste ;)

i still love my new watch.

whether you are common or one of a kind, i like you because you are mine.



11:11 November 11, 2009

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someone told me that 11:11 means someone’s thinkin of you. i’d like to think that Daddy God is thinkin of me; albeit exceptionally – when i see 11:11.

i need to remind myself of this today.

i saw a guy’s tee that read – “even impossible reads I’M POSSIBLE.” wow.

and i’m still workin on my other blog. wish i had more time to do so. aye :)

and i still wanna go to this shop that i saw at far east the other day.

and am looking forward to meeting lovely people at tonight’s meeting!

xoxo Jesus’ beloved.



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coming up with this is as close i can get. for now. but not for long.

dreams are the seedlings of reality – Napoleon Hill


*dream a little dream tonight..



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i had a good laugh tonight.

and i mean a really good one. maybe more. and it went on for about 2 hours.

with yummy food in between. if you haven’t tried PELICAN PIZZA, you’ve got to. seriously. the chicken wings are my favorite. YUM.

i was listening to one of pastor’s sermons and he talked about laughter. how a bout of anger decreases immunity for 6 hours and a good whole hearty laugh boosts it for 24 hours. we had our fill for more than a few weeks in one night.

i decided to look up some other benefits of laughter and here are my top 3 favorites (in no particular order).

1. Laughter is a good workout for respiratory, abdominal, leg, back and facial muscles. It tones intestinal functioning, massages abdominal organs and strengthens abdominal muscles. This activity is advantageous for digestion as well as absorption. Laughter also helps burn calories and is beneficial for weight loss. (isn’t that awesome?! there is no better exercise then laughing! you can even do it lying down and minus the sweat!)

2. Laughter relaxes the whole body. (supernaturally natural r&r)

3. Laughter boosts the immune system. decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. (a merry heart doeth good like medicine! Proverbs 17:22)

SMILE – it’s effects are not just everlasting but life lengthening. WOOHOO! :D

cheers to LOL


source: http://www.helpguide.org/life/humor_laughter_health.htm


.THE PERFECT OFFERING. October 14, 2009

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as i walked towards the front of one of the screens in 603, my heart skipped a beat. i was happy/excited/loved. arriving early, having time to unwind before the service is something i’ve always looked forward to.

worship was awesome. there’s just something about raising your hands. declaring unspoken victory over meandering waves of trial. those same hands were raised when You breathed Your last on that tree.

“oh, how i wish…they sang THE PERFECT OFFERING.” i mused to myself as we sat down to partake holy communion after the final song.

as the sermon ends, pastor turns to the musicians and say, “You know what, I still feel that we should sing…THE PERFECT OFFERING.”

i was floored.

it was so pure and simple. a gentle reminder me once again that my Daddy desires to give me good gifts. something that meant much to me, meant all to Him. That is the kinda God who loves. That is the manner of the God whom i serve.

it is a blessing Daddy, to be your child.

what an honor and privilege, to know that You are pleased when we take more.