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.ODE TO UNLOAD. September 13, 2009

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the markings across my arms grew thicker. and redder.

my shoulders drooped and my back, sore.

i was literally dragging my feet across the floors of the building i frequent every sabbath.

telling you i was tired would be an underestimation of how i was feeling.

by the 3rd hour i was ready. to throw my brand new laptop away. okay, not really. but you get my drift.

i was back at comex to exchange what i had so eagerly anticipated – a spanking new mac. after charging it for more than 15hours or so, it refused to respond to me. not to mention the trials and tribulations i had to go through with the people who sold it to me. that, which is another story altogether; doesn’t spell a bad omen to me but ultimately prepared me for what was ahead.

An hour plus and 3 macbooks later, i received my blessed macbook. THE BEST. if 3 days is resurrection, then the 4th must mean NEW DAY. NEW BEGINNINGS. NEW JOURNEYS.

however, lugging it around was far from easy. besides having to change hands every now and then, i had to stop for little whiles.

it wasn’t that small, too. occasionally, people bumped into me. at other times, i rammed into them.

as i lumbered (like a big old grizzly bear; i always think lumber is used for bears) from shop to shop (ironically, i could still manage to shop) – i bought stuff that only added to the weight i was already carrying.

before i knew it, i was a picture of pity. my back, feet, shoulders, hands and head were sore.

the weight had taken its toll on me.

oh, the weight we carry on our shoulders. we think about it sometimes, then we don’t.

it affects our relationship with people. sometimes we take it out on them, at others, they take it out on us.

as we live day by day, the cares, worries, fears all but decrease. they add on till it becomes too much to take.

it tires, burdens and soon, wears out.

it slows us down.

and then there’s Jesus.

the only One whom i can cast my cares to cause He cares for me (1 Peter 5:7).

the only One who loves me unceasingly, unwaveringly, unlimitedly.

the only One who says that He will never leave me nor forsake me (Heb 13:5)

“…when the cares of this world darken my days, You are the light that shines and shows me the way..”

i choose to cast. how about you?


p.s. first post on my new mac! thank You Jesus : If you carried the weight of the world, upon Your shoulders, i know that You will carry me too.

and oh, i wouldn’t have this story to tell if my laptop was fine the first time :)