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WITH EVERYTHING – October 24, 2009

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we sang this during service today. it brought back what i dearly like to call my “Hillsong Experience”.

guess i never really focused on the words, till now.

only You Lord, can break down the walls built up inside.

and You break them good.


With Everything – by Hillsong


AND HIS GLORY APPEARS. September 30, 2009

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i first heard this song more than a month back when a friend of mine had it on repeat mode and i fell in love. instantly. beautiful melody, beautiful song, beautiful savior.



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i love concerts :)

there is just something about the rush of adrenalin.

the lights! the cameras, and oh – the action.

i’ve been to numerous concerts throughout the years – plays, musicals, theatres and the like.

yet the one that etches itself deeply in my memory, the one that stands out from the rest – is not one that boasts an international famed diva-esque celebrity. it is also not one where fireworks beams itself out of the edges of the stage. neither is it one where the performance was well worth its buck.

it is the one where nothing short of 22,000 people’s voices reverberate against the walls of the arena in unison – singing praise and worship to THE ONE. 

a year has passed since i went to THE HILLSONG CONFERENCE with 3 of my homies (as Judah Smith would say) but i still get those goosebumps thinking about the whole experience. the last night, in particular – where no one wanted it to end and when the music team left the stage and the lights were dimmed, the entire arena broke into “woah oh, ohhhh oh oh, woahh oh, ohhh oh oh…” (the bridge of YOUR NAME HIGH) – there was a short pause followed by drum beats and the team went straight into the encore, much to the delight and elation of the entire stadium.

it was : unforgettable. i still smile, thinking about it.

i felt as if i relived a small part of it, 4 nights ago. perhaps it was partly attributed to familiar faces, or names or the presence of lights! cameras, and oh – action. and the anointing. it was simply – AWESOME. enjoyed it so much.

but what happens after it all ends? when the lights dim and the music fades away? do we go back to who we were before or do we allow that moment of light to penetrate through the darkness and transform us like never before?

yet, the truth is blinding. we cannot live from conference to conference. or Sundays to Sundays even. what goes on in the midst of the week between those days where faith/hope/love is at its peak?

if life is a journey then i am a car. i need refills too. to move along, to move ahead. sometimes the road is smooth, at other times, it can be bumpy or rough, even. but i press on, because i know there is enough fuel in me to move on. there is sufficient air in my tyres to continue this journey. once in a while, i go for servicing. but i cannot wait till then to refuel. you know how weird i sound and travel when i am “empty”. and oh, did i not mention that i need a wash daily, too? :)

there is no other washing, than the washing of the water by the Word. there is another kind of adrenalin. another kind of light that you can experience daily. not only do i want my car to be in tip top shape but i have my personal chauffer who takes the wheel. that way, i know i’ll always get to the right destination ;)

not that conferences aren’t good, don’t get me wrong. i love them and i think they are fantastic. i’d go to one again in a heartbeat. Sundays? my favoritest day of the week – if there is such a word. but i can’t wait till then to refuel :)


ps. cheers to your daily wash! :)