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.FROM LC TO CHANGI. April 25, 2009

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today’s early AM drive began roughly with two missed turns and one reverse leading out to a one way street where i went in the opposite direction and exited unscathed. it ended with drinks at TCC and kaya toast at ya kun.

i survived LORONG CHUAN.*phew*



.iDREAM. April 23, 2009

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i have but one favorite subject in school and – no prizes for guessing – it was english. simply because i enjoyed it and well, i didn’t flunk it.

back then, i was (and i still am) a dreamer. when i am awake, mostly, as i rarely dream in my sleep. in and out of class i would dream about what i would be when i grew up. envisioning myself as a flight attendant (of no airline in particular) simply because of my love for travelling and serving. and oh, wasn’t it every little girl’s dream to be a flight attendant? :) i somehow found the notion of having the “power” to determine what you get to eat/drink, etc (i.e your happiness is in my hands) very gratifying. okay, when i was young. i don’t think so anymore. honest :))

i still dream now though, but of vastly different things.

there are THREE things (from jan till now at least) that i dream of fulfilling this year…somehow, the dateline has been set in July for one of them :P there are times i need a little push and this is one of them.



.that SPARK. April 18, 2009

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“so you’ll arrange for that to go down…”

“OMG!!! There’s a hole in my leggings!!”

“oh no. when did it come about?”

“i have no idea. i don’t really look at my legs.”

we were midway in our discussion at work when i was fidgeting slightly and happened to place my hand on my knees and felt skin. you know somethings up when you aren’t wearing a skirt and you feel skin. five minutes later, it ceased to bother me. no one will look at my knees, anyway :)


i love meetings :) especially those where people come together and build one another. where laughter rules. and work gets done with ease too, of course. we frequented our usual meeting hangout but the atmosphere was a tad different this time. in fact, it was pretty adverse. the thunderous jay chou album playing at concert-volume in the well, foreground reverberated across the walls and when i had to shout the grace out so that everyone could hear me, i knew we had to move out.

the place we moved to was cosy and quiet. well, okay – it wasn’t that quiet anymore after we moved in.

but when we moved in, favor moved in with us.

1. there was a nice place for us! it isn’t easy finding a place for 9 on fridays. it was a breeze.

2. there were only two customers when we came in but it a few groups streamed in right after we sat down.

3. they said they closed at 10pm but they remained open till 1030pm (yes, just for us – cause we were the only ones left) They only told us once that they were closing, yes, not closed – there is a difference! and didn’t ask/tell/hint to us anymore after that :)

4. we enjoyed our discussion sans the shouting cause we were able to hear each other really well.  

5. we even got to use their restroom before we left.

a night that began horribly with thunderous music ended with a bang (no pun intended) that wasn’t short of being spectacular.

the synergy in the group, the dynamics, the ideas, the bond and the fellowship – was ONE LEVEL UP.  

it wouldn’t have been the same if we had remained there.

if we hadn’t moved out of our comfort zone, out of a familiar place.

the music could have affected us – our mood/feelings, etc. but we didn’t let it. it didn’t stand a chance.

if any, it drove us to a better place.

the ball is in our court to get the better of those emotions or let those emotions get the better of us.

i’d go with the former.

sometimes it only takes a spark, to get that fire burning.

stay cool and don’t let those little foxes spoil the vines.

i wonder what that hole in my leggings was for :)