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GIVING UP OR GIVING IN October 12, 2009

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she fell back down again. grazing her left knee this time.

she winced in pain, ever so slightly, and glanced at the inflicted area. it didn’t look too bad. compared to the other one on her right shin and left elbow.

I watched in silence as she gingerly picked herself off the ground, wondering to myself how many times she had fallen.

“new blades…” she muttered to herself.

new shoes don’t always fit well the first time you slip them on. they bite. some more vicious than others. some leave scars behind. others, minor scratches that don’t do much harm. you mostly get hurt at the same places too. toes or heels. they also aren’t always as easily seasoned as you hope they’d be. oh wait, there’s help. we can go get some soles or padding that give us temporal relief. time is what you need to get your feet used to them and vice versa. if that doesn’t work out…you’ll need to get a new pair.

as I watched her take a tumble again, I wondered to myself if she had the strength to carry on.

was she gonna give up or give in?