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.tanning in progress. June 8, 2009

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it was a super shiny afternoon and after rolling outta bed at 1-ish, I decided to head to the pool. I brought my brother along but how and why I agreed to let him bring his squirter thingy along totally baffles me.

save for a few times where I had water shot in my eyes/face/ears/nose – it was pretty fun.

and I derived a nice tan too :) yay.



got ball? :) May 23, 2009

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it was a lazy mid-AM like no other.
rolling out of bed past 11 and receiving the news that the sister finally took off at 7-ish – I headed to the kitchen. brunch and papers on my mind.

plopped down w food and juice in one hand and papers in the other; at the dining and digged in. perfect.

I was halfway into my food and absorbed in my own world when I heard the sound of shuffling feet. and then again. and once more.

I peeked out and there he was. my neighbour’s son. hugging onto the grills of my gate with a sheepish smile.

I smiled back. my lunch time was going to be play time :)