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LIFE* October 20, 2009

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.PURPOSED FOR ONE. September 14, 2009

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“…we all have one purpose. and that is to fulfill His purpose for our lives..”

those words she said, still ring in my head – with repercussions of thoughts following, reverberating through my mind.

i was scheduled to start school on the 7th of september. having gone for the orientation a few days before, i even got my time table and grouping, stopping short of my booklist.

i knew that my transcript was delayed for this divine reason. that i was going to either defer till jan or…pull out. i’ve talked about this anonymously here and there before this. my hesitance, my moving forward. this is the aftermath.

knowing i was accepted even before they received my transcript was already a testimony for me. how many can tell you, “Hey, you’re in!” without first seeing your results and having seen only a glimpse of your academic record.


having envisioned this for more than half of my life, what then, or why have i put my dream on hold once again?

because i know His purpose for me. for now. and choosing to carry on would mean that one or the either would be compromised.

i can choose to look at my circumstances (and wallow in it) or look to Him. i choose the latter. because looking to me will only mess things up even more.

resting in His love for me, knowing that He will work all things beautifully for me in His time is the best decision i’ll make.

“He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment.” Colossians 1:17 (MSG)