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simple little things September 8, 2009

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walking along the river en route home is always a same old yet new experience for me.

picnics. don’t ask me how. students talking on their mobiles. boyfriends, maybe? people fishing. kissing. you name it, I’ve probably seen it. and you would’ve too, if you like passing by.

today was special. I saw a little boy of two with his grandpa. his grandpa was blowing bubbles and he was teaching the young one how. the little one caught on quickly – what a fast learner, and he had the biggest smile on his face. jumping up and down, he was oblivious to the number of flowers he had trampled on in his excitement.

oh, hail the simpler things in life. gone were the days when COACH meant bus to me. GUESS meant something else to me other than being a fun game I used to play. I pronounce HERMES with such poise and perfection, better than any of my Chinese vocabulary put together.

watching him made me smile and I paused for awhile.

when was the last time I slowed down?to look at the trees? the clouds in the sky? or anything else that didn’t appear on a screen?

in this world slow is like a taboo. but in His world, it’s gold. it’s key to your well being. it goes against everything you know, see and believe.

in our haste to grasp new things, we are sometimes oblivious to the simple things in life we trample on.

those beautiful, precious little things that are always there; lay forgotten.

how could we possibly miss them? the faithful sunrise, smiling puffy clouds, cool gentle breeze. rain.

it’s not that they weren’t there. it’s just that we didn’t take time to look.