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HOLD ON TIGHT. February 7, 2010

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i am about to hit the sack.

so much has happened over the last few days…mixed stuff.

just really wanna share this cause it really made my night.

hope it makes yours – day or night, wherever you are.


*hold on tight


happymoments! October 19, 2009

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I love life :) yes, through times of trouble, even – there is much to rejoice about. for one, nay, ONE : my sins are forgiven and I belong to abba father!

my day was peppered with happy moments. not that other days weren’t but I have 3 worth mentioning because they touched my heart :)

1. I am waiting for my turn in the ladies and I see a maid waiting outside a cubicle, albeit patiently. I studied her closely and she looked my age, maybe younger but the hard days of labor have taken it’s toil on her face and hands. the door clicks open and a frail granny steps out and looks to her. she smiles. one of the most gentlest of smiles I’ve ever seen. the granny smiles back and clings on to her outstretched hand. if there was a vote for unsung heroes, mine would go to her.

2. I am waiting (again) for my sister outside the fitting room. I notice an old couple deliberating between an S or M. so sweet, I thought. and wondered to myself who they were buying the pretty top for. a sales assistant approaches and smiles at them. “How may I help?” she says. seconds later, she gamely puts the top on and whirls around, for the couple’s inspection. they’ve found the perfect fit, kudos to her.

3. I am waiting (yet again) for my turn in the ladies, a second time. and a lady rushes in frantically, ready to burst into a random cubicle. I was about to give her the eye – the queue is HERE – when I realise from the look in her eyes, that something was wrong. a cleaner approaches. “What are you looking for?” “My mobile!” she almost shouts, her voice shaking. she even manages a “white samsung”. the cleaner smiles. “Someone retuned it to me. Come with me.” someone’s honesty made her day. her expression, feelings and emotions – priceless, thereafter.

I guess good things happen when you WAIT.



.SECOND CHANCE. May 9, 2009

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<familiarity> often used in situations where you’ve been so accustomed to doing something, you do it so well – you could do it in your sleep with your eyes closed.

but there are times when too much of a good thing hinders you, instead of fulfiling its purposed intentions. on familiar ground you hardly/never expect the unexpected. if you do A, you know the standard 10year series answer is B. it could never be C. no. never. cause it is B.

it thwarts you from experiencing the unexperienced. everything is predictable. and soon, before you know it. your once-upon-a-time excting, dazzling, colorful and bursting with FUN! and spontaneity life has now been reduced to monochrome.

it’s funny like that. i’ve had this EP since last july (i still remember it was the last copy) that i bought from the awesome hillsong conference that i went to last year. i’ve always played tracks 1,3,6 on repeat mode but i’ve never even played the rest. yes, i do things like that. and so i would have continued to do this till…well, till whenever.

but – because i picked this EP (of all the CDs, this one) to play on my journey to run errands today and i didn’t push the button to repeat mode (honestly, i still haven’t really figured whether the one in the car has one) – i heard track 04 today. and i loved it. it is my new favorite song for now…hah! (:

aptly titled – not by coincidence, or so i believe – second chance.

things happen when you don’t do things you normally do. good things :) there’s always a second chance.

SECOND CHANCE by hillsong united

You called my name, reached out your hand

Restored my life, and I was redeemed – the moment you entered my life

Amazing grace, Christ gave that day – my life was changed, went from my shoulders, fell the weight of my sin 

So it’s with everything I am, I reach out for your hand

The hope that changed a second chance I’ve gained

On you I throw my life, casting all my fears aside

How could greater love then this, ever possibly exist

Consume my thoughts, as I rest in you

I’m now in love, with a Saviour

Bearing the marks of his love

So I wait upon you now, with my hands released to you

Where a little faiths enough, to see mountains lift and move

Yeah and I wait upon you now, dedicated to your will

To this love that will remain

A love that never fails

<everyday is a new day with Jesus. teach me, show me, hold my hand as i take a step – out of the boat and into the unknown>